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Welcome to our plant information center! Here you will find our own versions of plant monographs. Within these monographs you can find information like growing requirements, uses, and benefits. 

Our plant information center

With all of the years in the garden and with our studies in herbalism we wanted to share our knowledge that we have gained through our studies and experiences. We figured the best way to do this would be through our own versions of plant monographs, our blog, and eventually through our workshops. Here is where you will locate our plant monographs which will be filled with images of each plant, and a vast amount of information on many different plants and we will be working to expand our monograph library as well as continue to update monographs that have been previously posted. Within our monographs we work to provide the different plant names from common names to botanical names and any other nicknames we can find. Growing requirements will include things like light requirements, preferred soil, best temperatures for the plant, and any other tips and tricks that can help with a successful gardening season. There will also be information on harvesting, list of different uses and herbal preparations from culinary uses to medicinal uses. We will not be providing doses and preparations as we do not prescribe. If you have medical needs you should talk to a medical professional. These monographs are for information purposes only and came from our own research, other studies, and experiences. Want to know more follow the "Read More" link below and enjoy the vast world of plant information. And remember to keep coming back to see what's new.

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